Your Rights Against a Repo Man in Illinois

Genre: Personal Finance

In Illinois, repossession law protects the consumer, the creditor and the hired hand doing the repossessing, otherwise known as a repo man. While it may seem like the creditor has the upper hand when it comes to your property, you should keep in mind that your rights as an Illinois resident are also protected by law, particularly if the repossession was illegally obtained.

How to Make Pedestal Table Legs

Genre: Crafts

In order to make a pedestal table, you will need to make pedestal table legs. A pedestal table has a large center support, and three to four legs at the base that support the center. There are many styles of centers and legs, however the basic principles apply to the construction of a basic pedestal leg assembly.

Workshop Safety Rules

Genre: Business

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. However, implementing some safety rules in high-accident areas can reduce the number of potential injuries. It's important to not only post your workshop safety rules, but to enforce them to reduce accidents and injuries. Following some workshop safety rules will make it a better and safer working environment for everyone.

Workplace Wellness Grants

Genre: Business

Wellness programs can increase your bottom line by helping you save money through lower health insurance premiums and reduced absenteeism, and earn more money through increased productivity from healthy workers. The federal government, as well as some state governments or statewide foundations, offer grants to help you fund a workplace wellness program.

Workplace Violence Facts

Genre: Business

Workplace violence incidents garner widespread media attention and sensationalism in the immediate aftermath. Researchers who study the occupational hazards employees face continue to work on discovering the root causes of workplace violence, as well as identifying ways to prevent and eliminate these factors.