5 min Chocolate Banana Recipe

Chocolate Banana

melted chocolate
The name of the dish that we are going to try today is Chocolate Banana and it will just take 5 minutes for us to make this special dish. The kids are going to love it for sure. First of all take some chocolate and melt it in the oven. In the mean while cut very fine slices of banana and mix them with flavored yogurt. There are so many flavors of yogurt available in the market and you can use any that kids like. It is better if you use low fat yogurt. I have selected vanilla yogurt and have poured it onto banana slices. Mix it a little bit with a spoon and do not let the banana slices break. Now pour melted hot chocolate on it. So your newly invented dish is ready to be served. Not only everybody would like it but it also took just 5 minutes to make this simple dish. I hope you have enjoyed it so do give your comments and suggest any new recipe that you might have come across.

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