Best 40 Websites to Order Pizza Online in 2013


In this post I am going to share best websites where you can order pizzas online. Pizza is a great dish to enjoy on a weekend and is eaten all across the globe. The shops which sell pizzas are called pizzerias. There are many flavours of pizzas available in the market today. The base of a pizza is called a crust and its thickness and shape may vary depending on the type of pizza being ordered. The largest pizza was made in South Africa in December 1990 which was 40 meters in diameter and was recorded in the Guiness Book of World as a unbreakable milestone . Not only elders but kids also love pizza so why not order one for them tonight. Not not elders but young and kids also love pizza so why not order a super duper pizza for everybody today. The basic purpose of this post or rather for the whole blog is to converge all the useful information and websitesthat people are looking for at a single place. So I hope you would find this list very precious and I hope you would enjoy the pizza list and also do pray for me. So let us go down and check out this cool pizza websites list.

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. Mazzios
  3. Dominos
  4. California Pizza Kitchen
  5. Snappy Tomato Pizza
  6. North Beach Pizza
  7. Pizza Luce
  8. Pizza Market
  9. Pizza Ranch
  10. Pomodoros Pizza
  11. Lamppost Pizza
  12. Papa Johns
  13. Pizza Venetia
  14. Pizza Inn
  15. Merosys
  16. Abitinos Pizza
  17. Pizza
  18. Vellka
  19. Happy Joes
  20. Fultanos
  21. My Pizza
  22. Mountain Mikes
  23. Austin Pizza
  24. Brothers Brooklyn
  25. Pizza Galaxy
  26. Ricos Pizza
  27. Vocelli Pizza
  28. Express Domino
  29. Pizzaza
  30. Pizza Proven Cale
  31. Pizza Royers
  32. Soprano Lublin
  33. Bitela Pizza
  34. Papa Murphys
  35. Giordanos
  36. Rafallos Pizza
  37. 13 Street Plaza
  38. Rond Table Ordering
  39. Diamond Knot Brewing
  40. Pizza Spotz
  41. Merosys

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