Butter Toffee Recipe for Kids

Butter Toffee Recipe for Kids

Butter Toffee Recipe

Butter Toffees are so tasty and it can be an excellent treat for the kids. Interestingly this recipe is so simple and so quick that it will just take five minutes to prepare this. You can use blue band butter or any other good butter which is easily available in the market. Let’s get to the recipe!

1. Take a big pan and put it on a stove with a medium flame. Now pour in 450 grams of butter and around 320 grams of fined grind sugar. Now take half teaspoon of pure chocolate powder and put it into the pan. To get a proper taste do not use the coco powder. You can use cadburry chocolate in powder form. It is very easily available in all the big stores.

2. Keep on stirring the mixture occasionally and heat it until a proper cohesion is achieved and their are no solid curds in the mixture.

3. Now pour the mixture in a baking tray. But first you have to make sure that you have done proper greasing of the baking tray.

4. Once you have poured the mixture in the baking tray put it in the oven and bake it until it turns brown.

5. After baking pull out the baking tray and put it in your fridge for say 30 to 60 minutes. Keep monitoring it. Now pull it out and cut it in the form of toffees.

6. Now your delicious butter toffees are ready to be served. You can prepare this special dish on some special occasions like a birthday party. It will be a special treat for kids.

You can purchase some toffee wrapping papers and wrap around butter toffee chunks. This will help you give final touching to your product. So I hope you liked this simple butter toffee recipe. Believe me it just takes 5 minutes to prepare this. And the kids really love this special sweet treat. Do try this at home and don’t forget to comment !

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