Captain Phillips An American Action Thriller of 2013


Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips An Action Thriller

Captain Phillips is no doubt one of the best action thriller movie I have ever seen. Really I cannot forget the thrilling moments of this movie. It is based on a true story so it really makes the story more interesting and makes us more curious as to how this really would have happened. There is drama, adventure, amazement, courage and thrill. All these things blend together to make this movie a highly rated action thriller. Captain Phillips is the main character of this movie who is the hero is in this action packed drama.

The story begins when Captain Phillips sails his ship from USA and he has to pass from dangerous areas of Djibouti and other African waters which are known to be safe heaven for Somali pirates. In the mid of the journey Captain Phillips’ ship is tracked by Somali Pirates who wants to take over. The way Captain Phillips’ dodges the pirates on several occasions is amazing. After a lot of struggle the pirates succeed in taking over the ship. Captain Phillips orders all the staff to hide in the engine room of the ship while he stays in the control room. Amuze is the leader of the pirates who is weak in physique and very short tempered and before taking over the ship he kills his friend on a trivial matter.  After taking hostage the pirate leader asks about the rest of the staff location on the ship. Captain Phillips says that there is no other crew on the ship except him. So the pirate leader insists to go to each corner of the ship. So Captain Phillips escorts him all the way. As soon as they reach the engine room one of the crew member switches off the main electric power so now they cannot see anything. So the pirates become anxious as to what happened and at the same time one of the pirate also gets injured as there were some broken glass on the floor and he steps on that bare-footed.  Once the power is off the crew manages to capture Amuze who is the leader of the pirates.

Other pirates start torturing Captain Phillips and this drama continues for a while until captain agrees to give them all the money that is in the ship and will give them safe passage to escape. In the mean while US Navy has already been intimated about the ship crew been taken hostage by Somali pirates. The pirates escape in a small floating capsule but they also take Captain Phillips as hostage with them. Now this small floating capsule is driven by the pirates in which captain Philips is also with them towards Somalia. This ship chases them for a while until finally US Navy arrives. The real thrill begins when the US Navy arrives and now US seals have to free the hostage and kill or capture all the pirates. The commandos take positions with their snipers ready the commander of US Navy orders to execute as soon as all the pirates would come under the radar of snipers. In between this  lot of thrilling events unfold. Finally all the three pirates come in the zones of the snippers and the US commander orders “Execute”. This is how all the pirates are killed at the spot and Captain Phillips is freed. I really loved this movie and I hope you would also love this. Do let me know about your feedback once you see this movie. Thanks for reading !

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