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chicken puffs

Chicken is my favorite so you would find many recipes with chicken on my website. In this article we’ll learn about easy to make recipe of Chicken puffs. Chicken puffs are easy to make and once prepared can be fried in no time. Mothers can prepare at the start of the month and can freeze and give to their kids daily in lunch for their school. Kids are going to love it with ketch up. Let us get down with recipe.
First of all take some chicken stock and butter and put them in a sauce on the stove and let this mixture to be heated on a very very low flame. As soon as the butter totally melts pour in some flour and switch off the flame.

Wait for a while so that the mixtures cools down. Now you have to add salt and black pepper and chicken pieces with onion and green chilies. Also add 4 eggs to the mixture and one fourth cup of water. Now you have to mix everything properly and very thoroughly. Make sure that chicken pieces are fully marinated into the mixture. Your chicken puffs are ready to be fried. Now put chicken puffs one after the other into the frying pan and deep fry all the pieces and make sure that chicken is fully cooked. Your delicious chicken puffs are ready to be served. Serve with Ketchup in a tray. Everybody at home is going to love it. I hope you will like this delicious recipe and do try at home. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe if you want to know more.

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