Home Remedies for Cold

Home Remedies for Cold

Home Remedies for Cold and Fever

Let us explore some home remedies for cold. Normally the medicines of cold are very strong and sedative and may have side effects on the children. By using some good home remedies for cold we can easily get rid of cold. Catching cold and flu is a very common phenomenon globally and almost everybody gets cold more than once in his life. Flu can be very frustrating and painful for kids. There are many medicines available in the market that are also very effective and might cause no or less sedation. So you may also try these but since kids are very sensitive we can try these home remedies for cold with kids.

Causes of Cold and Flu
Remember flu indicates some kind of problem in the immune system so it should be taken seriously. Flu may be because of some allergy in which or immune system fails to accept some allergens and body reacts in a way that we get flu. Flu is very common in kids and mothers all the across the globe face the same problem that their kids get flu. Whatever might be the reasons of flu it can be cured with simple home remedies.

Home Remedies for Cold

Below are some home remedies of flu
fresh water for kids
Adequate Water Intake
Water can be termed as one of the most effective home remedies for cold and adequate amount of fresh water should be given to the patient.

Tea a Best Remedy
You can make a tea with ginger, lemon and honey. Believe me it is the best home remedy for flu.

vitamin c for kids
Food with Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the best home remedies for cold and fever so orange juices and lemon juices are extremely useful in this regard.

salty water gargles
Gargles of salty water
Gargles of salted hot water can be very beneficial for cough and flu.

hot milk with honey
Hot Milk with Honey and Mustard
Hot milk with honey and mustard when sipped slowly can bring significant reduction in flu and cough related symptoms.

kids regular exercise
Regular Exercise for Endurance
Exercise regularly as it strengthens your immune system.

green salad for kids
Green Salads
Green Salads and balanced diet can be beneficial in eliminating flu related problems

oatmeal home remedies for cold
Oatmeal is also considered useful home remedies for cold and fever.

chicken soup for kids
Chicken Soup
Chicken soup is considered very beneficial in curing cold and flu so it should be mothers favorite choice whenever the children get flu.

eucalyptus for flu
Eucalyptus is a very useful home remedy for flu. Just take few leaves of eucalyptus and put them in hot water and inhale steam. It will help melt the mucus from the chest and by just smelling the eucalyptus leaves we can get a lot of relief from flu.

Ginger Tea for kids
Ginger Tea
Ginger tea is another useful home remedy for flu and cold.
Note : For severe cases it is recommended that you consult a specialized medical practitioners.

If you have any home remedies that you feel should be added to the list. You can suggest in comments.

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