Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate
Another special recipe that I want to share with you people is Hot chocolate and it can be really very soothing in cold season and will give you a lot of comfort and energy.Take a pan which is hollow from inside and put it on stove but make sure that flame of the stove should not be very high, keep it medium. Now put coco powder milk and sugar into the pan and heat this mixture until everything melts and mixes properly. Make sure that you mix the mixture continuously while heating. Now take some pure chocolate and break in into very small pieces. Now put this crushed or ground chocolate into the mixture that in the pan and put all of this in a hollow bowl and blend it thoroughly. Take very cold and chilled cream and blend it as well. Now put your chocolate mixture into cups and put chilled cream as topping. You may also sprinkle crushed nuts on it if you like. Your super hot chocolate drink is ready to be served. I hope you would love this recipe and do comment and subscribe to this website if you want to know more.

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