HTML5 Tutorial For Beginners From Scratch Till Advance Level Part 3

html5 for beginners

This is the part 3 of famous html5 tutorial for beginners. I started from scratch and have introduced advance topics gradually. So far we have covered topics like html5 web semantic tags, html5 new form input fields and robust html5 form attributes. I am sure you have learnt a lot from these html5 tutorials for beginners. Practice make the man perfect so I would recommend that you practice each and every example and piece of code jotted down in these tutorials. Below are some new features that are being explained here.

HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners

1. HTML5 Video Tag

Html5 video tag embeds a video into your html5 page. Currently this feature supports .mp4, and .ogg video formats. Below is an example which you can try on your own. Make sure you copy paste below code in a notepad save it as filename.html in a folder and make sure that you have your video file in the same folder. As you can see below that you can also specify the height and width of video tag.


<!Doctype html>  
<video width="”300”" height="”250”"><source src="”animals-documentary.mp4”" type="”video/mp4”" /></video>

2. Audio Tag
Html5 audio tag is another milestone that html5 has achieved and it has made our life so easy. Before this embedding an audio file into a webpage required flash but now with html5 adding an mp3 audio file has become super easy. Below is an example explaining this idea.

&lt;!Doctype html&gt;  
<audio width="”300”" height="”250”"><source src="”Music.mp3”" type="”mpeg”" /></audio>

I hope you have learnt a lot from this 3 section html5 tutorial for beginners series. and now I have a plan to write some more interesting tutorials like for instance we’ll dig deep into Javascript, CSS, CSS3 and another special tutorial would be on Advance Excel programming using vba. I hope you liked the stuff and learnt a lot from my blog. Thanks for reading and helping me spread the knowledge in masses. HTML5 is going to dominate so these kind of tutorials can be very useful for web programmers especially those who are beginners.

HTML5 Tutorial Resources for Beginners

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