Simple Walnut Toffee Recipe For Kids

Walnut Toffee Recipe For Kids

walnut toffee recipe

This is a very simple walnut Toffee recipe. I want to dedicate this great recipe to my sweet kids and my great wife. Kids are always talking about toffees and they always say baba have you brought toffees for us. So I decided to make walnut toffees at home. Let us get onto the recipe now and enjoy.

I would recommend to use brown sugar instead of ground sugar because a final product with brown sugar gives tastes of more like a toffee. If you don’t have brown sugar you can always go for the other option.

1. Take a big sauce and pour in some milk and sugar into the pan.Put it on the stove and heat on a medium flame. Keep on stirring it occasionally.

2. In the mean while put some condensed milk into the pan and keep on stiring.

3. Heat for another 20 minutes and keep on stirring for the 20 minutes.

4. Once you feel that full cohesion is achieved in the mixture and all the things have mixed properly.

5. After 20 minutes of heating sprinkle some crushed walnuts and butter. Also pour in some vanilla essence into the mixture. Now let the mixture boil for another 4 to 5 minutes.

6. Now take a flat buttered tin and pour the mixture on to the buttered tin.

7. Let it cool for few hours and once you feel that it has hardened just break it into pieces and serve with hot coffee.

I hope you have liked the recipe. To give final touches to your product you can wrap small chunks of walnut toffees into colorful wrappers to give your product a look of proper toffees. Now your walnut toffees are ready to be served ! Thanks for reading and do try this at home. Believe me the kids are going to love it. And don’t forget to give your comments.

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